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A new van for the "Our Lady of Providence" family home

The Family Home "Madonna della Provvidenza" in Giarre, Catania, offers love and support to children and people with disabilities, providing love and care to anyone who needs it. There are 14 in the family and now they need your help to buy a new, safe and reliable bus for all their daily activities, but they cannot cover the 20,000 euros needed. You can help them too: come on, are you in?

8,832 €

20,000 €
55 Donations
5 Fundraising

An operation for Lucija

Ivana and Roberto, members of the Pope John XXIII Community, are the mother and father of little Lucija affected since birth by a malformation that caused her lower limbs to become dysmetria. Today Lucija has the opportunity to undergo leg lengthening surgery, which has a cost of €60,000. Your help is crucial to enable her to undergo the surgery and start living the life she has always dreamed of.

4,820 €

60,000 €
58 Donations
4 Fundraising

Operation Dove in Ukraine - 2024

Since March 2022 Operation Dove has been present in Ukraine, first in Lviv, Kiev and Odessa, currently in Mykolaïv and Kherson. Supporting the presence of Operation Dove volunteers means not leaving the most fragile people in conflict-affected territories alone and concretely supporting the efforts of those who want to respond to violence with solidarity.

200 €

15,000 €
2 Donations

We renovate the Maria Chiara Family Home to safely welcome

The 'Maria Chiara' family home, a shelter reality of the Pope John XXIII Community, needs your help to raise €18,000 needed to replace fixtures, essential to make the house more welcoming and safe for all those who find shelter there. Help them too!

15,998 €

18,000 €
54 Donations
6 Fundraising

A car for the CEC "Mother of Hope House"

The CEC "Mother House of Hope" of the Pope John XXIII Community now needs your help to raise the €8,000 needed to purchase a car, which is needed by the operators and the boys for all daily activities. Help them too!

2,320 €

8,000 €
4 Donations
2 Fundraising

An inclusive and unforgettable field trip!

The essence of Don Oreste Benzi School is to make education and extracurricular experiences accessible to all, without discrimination. Help the seventh graders and their parents raise €2,000 needed to cover the expenses of the trip to Madrid, thus allowing all kids to be able to participate. Let's give them a chance to explore new horizons and enrich their cultural and human backgrounds.

460 €

2,000 €
7 Donations

A car for my autonomy

Andrea is a boy with disabilities who has many passions and a lot of drive. Help him with the annual expenses of his equipped vehicle that provides him with the independence he is entitled to and needs.

2,552 €

11,000 €
15 Donations
2 Fundraising

Operation Dove in Palestine - 2024

Since 2002, volunteers from Operation Dove have been present in Palestine, first in the Gaza Strip, in Al Qarara (Khan Younis), then since 2004 in the West Bank, in the village of At-Tuwani (hills south of Hebron). Today more than ever, therefore, the presence of Operation Dove volunteers is essential: to protect the safety of the Palestinian inhabitants of the area, who just want to live on their own land.

20 €

15,000 €
A donation

Operation Dove in Lebanon - 2024

Operation Dove volunteers share life and work alongside Syrian refugees still living in camps across the country. Supporting, helping and protecting them means still believing in the strength of relationships and the peace that comes from staying close and dreaming together.

3,620 €

15,000 €
58 Donations
3 Fundraising

Operation Dove in Colombia - 2024

Operation Dove volunteers are present in the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó to provide the civilian population with greater security and hope for a better life. Support them to build peace with them.

4,215 €

15,000 €
74 Donations
4 Fundraising

Let's build the future together, boy by boy

The Pope John XXIII Community has been organizing open camps for young people for many years, promoting moments of reflection and growth. The July camp, part of an educational journey entitled "Easy Meeting," will have as its theme welcoming and valuing differences and will be held in Trentino at the "Madonna delle Vette" hotel, a place dear to the whole Community. To make the camp accessible to all, a fundraiser has been activated, with the goal of covering half of the participation fee. Make a donation and enable many young people to have a unique experience of sharing.

1,260 €

10,000 €
26 Donations
4 Fundraising

A bus for a family without borders

The family of Shibu, who suffers from infantile cerebral palsy, currently has a Doblò equipped for transporting the disabled but has only three seats plus a wheelchair. In order for the whole family to move together for daily chores or to experience special moments, they need to buy a larger van. Help them cover the cost of a used minibus, 10,000€ is needed. Now your help is vital because for Shibu to have as normal a life as possible with his family is vital.

9,500 €

10,000 €
77 Donations
4 Fundraising

St. Paul's Family Home: SOS automobile!

Marco and Simona, mom and dad of the Family House "San Paolo" of the Pope John XXIII Community, have been a family for those who are alone for 15 years. Now they need your help to cover the cost of a new car, essential for the whole family, especially for those with disabilities. Let's help them reach the goal: €8,000, together we can do it!

20 €

8,000 €
A donation

Take Me Home: a project to give a family to children with disabilities

The "Take Me Home" project promotes the right of every child to live in a family, including children with serious illnesses or disabilities. Initially launched in Piedmont, now the Pope John XXIII Community wants to extend the project to Lombardy, and to do so it needs resources (€20,000). Through awareness raising and support actions it is possible to give hope and a better future to children with disabilities, in need of care and love. With your help we can build stories with happy endings for these fragile children.

8,650 €

20,000 €
35 Donations
2 Fundraising

A bus to be a voice for the last

In Cameroon, the Pope John XXIII Community through its project "Never again minors in prison" prevents the incarceration of minors and promotes the reintegration of prisoners through training and social reintegration paths. Volunteers work in prisons, courts, and assist families of inmates and children living on the streets. To carry out these activities in a difficult environment, with bad roads and ineffective transportation, a suitable vehicle is needed. The cost is high: 30,000€. Let's help them achieve the goal!

2,318 €

30,000 €
34 Donations
2 Fundraising

A well to stop thirst: let's help the people of Turkana

The Turkana region of Kenya is facing one of the worst droughts in 40 years. People are forced to dig shallow holes in lake beds to search for water, but it is dirty and undrinkable, causing serious health problems, especially among children. The solution is the construction of wells that can provide potable water. The total cost of the work is €126,990. Everyone's support is needed to achieve this goal. Your help now is indispensable.

124,666 €

126,990 €
336 Donations
10 Fundraising

Proyecto Sol - The light of inclusion

In Chile, the Pope John XXIII Community's Project Sun is aimed at deaf women with the goal of creating new life opportunities for them and enabling them to express their uniqueness without fear of being judged or excluded. Until now, the Center has always been free and funded by the State, but this will no longer be the case. To continue to exist, it urgently needs your help. Support it too!

494 €

11,000 €
19 Donations
3 Fundraising

Support school projects for Cicetekelo children

In Zambia, the Pope John XXIII Community's Cicetekelo Project is dedicated to welcoming and caring for street children and young people living in hardship and poverty. Here, every year, we try to improve the educational services offered to give more and more children and young people the opportunity to become protagonists of their own lives. To do this we need to buy new materials and activate new school projects-now we need everyone's help! Come on, are you in?

8,231 €

8,000 €
90 Donations
5 Fundraising

A dry and warm home for a large family

Silvia and Yan's Family Home houses many people with different stories, some with severe disabilities. They need to replace the fixtures before winter comes, because when it rains, water comes into the house wetting the walls and floors. They need 15,000€ and to be able to buy them and make the house dry, warm and safe for everyone. To do this they also need your help. Support them.

2,250 €

6,000 €
30 Donations

A new home to love and be loved

Nicola and Donata have chosen to be a family for those who are alone and to share life with the most fragile people. To continue to do so, they will have to move to a new house: the Rectory in Bertesina (VI), which, however, needs to be renovated to adapt to the needs of the people received and those who will arrive. The expense is high: €75,000, so they also need your help to reach the goal. Support them!

73,159 €

75,000 €
71 Donations
3 Fundraising

Helping the Heart of St. Joseph Family Home with their new home

The Family House "Heart of St. Joseph" of the Pope John XXIII Community has recently moved to a new house, but it needs urgent work to adapt it to the needs of the people with disabilities who live there; the cost is €10,000. Let's help mom Paola and dad Alberto find the necessary resources to start these works, which are essential for the daily life and psychophysical well-being of the children with disabilities they have taken in.

4,110 €

10,000 €
21 Donations
2 Fundraising

Your help to continue to be family for those who are lonely

The Gian Paolo and Paola Family House of the Pope John XXIII Community is in urgent need of some work, which is essential for the people with disabilities who live there: such as Michael, who because of his severe disability cannot walk and will only be able to continue living with his family if a lifting platform is installed in the house. The expense is high, let's help them together reach the goal to allow them to be family for those who don't have one!

55,213 €

60,000 €
227 Donations
2 Fundraising

In Greece to walk alongside migrant people

Greece is the European Union's first port of call for those fleeing war and persecution. Those who arrive here often find themselves alone, forced to live on the streets. Volunteers from the Pope John XXIII Community, together with Operation Dove, visit people living in and outside refugee camps to offer them support and services, and monitor and report on the human rights violations they suffer. Their presence is crucial: support them on this journey of peace.

5,150 €

20,000 €
89 Donations
6 Fundraising

We reach the finish line aboard a new minibus.

Angelo and Cecilia are dad and mom from the Family House "Santa Libera" of the Pope John XXIII Community in Malo (VI). Theirs is a large family and today there are seven of them in the house. For their travels they have always been accompanied by their faithful minibus, but now the old vehicle has to be replaced because it is no longer a safe transportation. Help them so that they can purchase a new one. The cost, however, is 19,500 euros: every contribution is important and without you they cannot make it!

15,900 €

19,500 €
84 Donations
5 Fundraising

Two buses to bring help

The Bethlehem Hut in Montodine (CR) of the Pope John XXIII Community is the home of those who once lived on the streets, where they can start a new life. The 11 people who now live here want to give back the help they received. So they collect food and surpluses from local supermarkets and deliver them to families in need. They also collect furniture that someone donates, disassemble it, transport it and reassemble it in the homes of those who do not have enough resources to buy it. Today there is an urgent need to replace the two vans used for these activities. Help them not to stop, every contribution is important!

26,140 €

32,000 €
35 Donations
2 Fundraising

Operation Dove

Operazione Colomba's volunteers work side by side with victims in conflict zones, living with them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, sharing risks and hardships but also hopes and possible solutions. Thanks to their international presence and nonviolent actions, they protect the lives of defenseless civilians and concretely build Peace where there is hatred and violence. Peace in the world is a common good: to build it, we need everyone's help.

9,890 €

15,000 €
262 Donations
9 Fundraising

In Chile alongside the Mapuche people

The Mapuche, an indigenous people in Chile, have been persecuted and ignored for years: the State does not recognise their existence or protect their identity. Deprived of their land of origin, they are forced to fight to get it back and are therefore victims of strong repression. The Community, with volunteers, supports them in this path of claim in a peaceful and non-violent way. Support them too.

7,368 €

10,000 €
88 Donations
6 Fundraising

Your table for One Meal a Day

Create your own online fundraiser and get your friends involved-let's create a big table together for those suffering from hunger, in Italy and around the world.

7,812 €

10,000 €
118 Donations
31 Fundraising

At the side of those who live on the street

The Pope John XXIII Community welcomes those living on the streets to its Bethlehem Huts, places where we live with the homeless and lonely. It meets them thanks to the volunteers of the street units who go out every night to look for them, and in the soup kitchens, where we feed hundreds of people every night. Support us to continue to give comfort and a future to those who have lost everything.

4,755 €

10,000 €
30 Donations
2 Fundraising

Family Homes need you!

The Family Homes of the Pope John XXIII Community are more than homes. Before being physical structures, they are emotional structures. They are families. Dads and mothers who donate their homes, their time and their lives to disabled children, lonely and abandoned people and anyone else who needs to be welcomed and helped. The needs are growing like the number of our Houses: support them now with a donation.

12,872 €

15,000 €
153 Donations
16 Fundraising


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