How it works


Here are instructions for creating your own fundraiser.


Choose what you want to raise money for


Create your fundraising page

  • Choose a title that is personal and original;
  • Describe why you care about the project and why they should support your collection with a donation;
  • Define an achievable financial goal with respect to your network of contacts you know you can engage;
  • Finally, personalize your collection with photos and, if you wish, videos: they will serve to make it more effective.


Plan your strategy

  • Start by making a list of all the people you plan to involve in your personal collection;
  • Divide your contacts into a few groups (e.g., friends, family, colleagues, parish, etc.);
  • Think about specific messages for each group.


Involve friends and family

  • Personalize the messages you send with an audio or short video explaining why they should support your cause-it will be much more engaging and convincing!!!
  • Use the share buttons on the project page (WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, email, etc.);
  • Mark the names of those who promise you a donation, and then try to contact them again, after some time.


Promote your fundraiser

  • Talk about your initiative verbally! There is nothing more important than face-to-face promotion, you are always in time to then send a message containing the collection link to those who are interested;
  • If you have the opportunity, also organize small fundraising events (dinners, collections, etc.);
  • Talk about your initiative on the social networks you use most such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and always ask for word of mouth.


Keep your fundraising page alive

  • Make posts to update your network of contacts on the progress of your collection;
  • Also use posts to thank your supporters for their achievements.

Now all you have to do is create your fundraiser!

We will follow you step by step to help you launch your personal fundraiser and reach your goal.


Dai Ci Stai? It is the platform created to create online fundraisers in support of the Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII, which for more than 50 years alongside those in need.

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