Antonella Obino

My name is Antonella Obino and I have known Antonello and Annalisa since I was maybe 10 or 11 years old. I attended the afternoon center in the Church of Santa Croce in Sorso where Antonello made us rehearse to prepare the songs to animate the Sunday Mass. Little by little a nice group was born and with the arrival of the new Vice-Parish Don Matteo Bonu we moved to the premises of the Billellera, which we had requalified, and we used them to create an oratory where we carried out many activities.
We did summer camps for several years: they transmitted solid values to us. I will always be grateful to all the educators, in this case to Antonello and Annalisa for letting us grow up accompanied by Faith and in the name of solidarity towards others and honesty. I strongly believe that if today I am the person I am is also thanks to them. Thank you from the heart, we love you!
Antonella and Gavino

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