An operation for Brice

Your help is crucial in ensuring Brice gets the care he needs.

An operation for Brice

Your help is crucial in ensuring Brice gets the care he needs.
Hello, we are Giulia and Tania, volunteers of the Pope John XXIII Community at the "Il Mantello di San Martino" Centre in Cesena, where we collect and distribute clothing for all ages and children's accessories to families in difficulty.
Through Roxanne, a volunteer who attends the Centre, we got to know the story of Brice, a boy from Benin, father of a little boy. They met in Mali during a humanitarian mission and have kept in touch ever since.
At the end of January Brice was run over and seriously injured in the face, suffering a double fracture of the mandible and the orbital and maxillary floor.
To date he has not received proper treatment other than some antibiotics, and a temporary jaw lock. The risk of her getting infections or gangrene has been very high. He has had pain all over his head and has not been able to chew for months, so he has been very debilitated.
We did everything we could to find out if it was possible to operate on him in Benin, but unfortunately the local hospital did not have the tools and skills to do so safely.
We decided to apply to the Emilia Romagna Region in order to apply Law 449/1997 which allows to cover medical expenses. The request has been accepted: Brice will be able to come to Italy and will be followed at the Bufalini Hospital in Cesena (FC) in the specialized Maxillofacial Center, and if necessary he will be operated. During the period of treatment and convalescence he will be a guest in a Family House of the Pope John XXIII Community.
Brice is still in Benin and is getting weaker by the day. We cannot wait any longer: we need your help to buy the flight that will take him to Italy and to cover the expenses necessary for his stay and recovery.

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