A bus to get where it is needed

A bus to get where it is needed

I am Marco and together with my wife Laura we are the dad and mom of the Family House of St. Mary of the Odigitria, of the Pope John XXIII Community.

30 years ago, as soon as we were married, we chose to follow the call of Don Oreste Benzi, certain that he knew better than we did what we were called to do. Once we arrived in Sicily, we chose to be surprised by life and overwhelmed by Providence, and we have not stopped since.

Over the years, we have been the mom and dad of children who had been left without parents, and we have taken in many young people from prison or situations of hardship, who needed a family and a fixed point from which to start again. Some stayed only long enough, others became part of our family, brothers to our natural children, with whom they grew up.

And so, day after day, welcome after welcome, today we are a big family of 13 people: very different, in age, experience, dreams and needs, but all united by a great mutual love for each other. This is what allows us to overcome difficult moments and gives us the strength to say yes when there is someone in need, to go where we are called.

Here, then, we move far and wide every day, to accompany the boys to school, to therapies or to the many activities related to the life of the Community and our Cooperative Rò La Formichina, but also to go to the juvenile prisons in the area to meet the boys and offer them a new alternative path to delinquency.

To get around we need a minibus, the only vehicle that can accommodate us all together. Having a minibus, however, entails a lot of expenses and alone, as a Family House and as the Pope John XXIII Community, we cannot cope with it.
So here we are asking for your help once again, certain that we can have you by our side again. With your donation you will enable us to have a minibus at our disposal to continue to bring our witness and help wherever we are called .

"Don't stop at the possible, make the necessary possible" is a phrase that is very important to us. With the small contribution of so many, all together we will be able to reach the amount we need. Thank you!
You can also donate by bank transfer or postal bulletin.
IBAN: IT04 X030 6909 6061 0000 0008 036
Both payable to: Pope John XXIII Community Association - ONLUS
Specifying in the reason for payment: 22R022 CF Odigitria minibus.

9,170 €

9,000 €
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