Let us, together, turn this world upside down.

Let us, together, turn this world upside down.

It was the fall of 2018 when, talking to my barber, Christian, I find out that he is in charge of the Street Unit of the Pope John XXIII Community. He tells me what "street unit" means and invites me to participate in one of these "rounds" with which several volunteers and people from the Community every week go out into the city, at night, when everyone else is at home, and stop to talk to the abandoned people of our city, Cuneo. They offer something to eat or drink, a chat as friends, gather needs and wants and offer assistance and comfort to people.
I understand that, like me, many people have no idea that at least 90 people every night stay on the street, in all temperatures, and together with Christian I decide that I would put my passion for photography to use to show what these people live: the signs of cold and fatigue, the hardness of the street and of life itself. To show this world "below" to those who live "above".
After the first "tour" I came back, 2, 3, 4 times... not just to take pictures, but to help out in my turn, as a volunteer. I wanted to feel useful and today, with the health emergency in which we are plunged, it is even more necessary to help people forgotten in the street and who need a hot meal or blankets, medicines or other help.
That's why the exhibition "SOTTOSOPRA" and a fundraising project were born from those shots: I want to show who the people are that we pass by every day and I want to ask you to contribute with a donation to support the Pope John XXIII Community for the activities it dedicates to the homeless and its Bethlehem Hut in Farigliano (CN), a place where it welcomes these people to give them not only a shelter but a real family.
Yes, because over time you manage to overcome someone's initial mistrust and create bonds of deep affection, and it is wonderful to see that, day after day, they begin to open up, to love us and above all to love each other again.
I want to keep faith with this trust, to show them that they can also lean on my shoulder to start again. I also do this by telling their story to those who ignore it, as I used to do.
My photos have become a photo exhibition, which I will take around to show to as many people as possible.

Show us your support with a donation and allow the Pope John XXIII Community to continue to stand by those who have lost everything and everyone.
Turn, with us, this world "upside down".

Thank you
, Luca Sangiovanni---you can

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