Young people, our future!

Young people, our future!

"Young people are our future!". How many times have we said and heard this, I really do!
But in order for young people to become and to be that conscious and incisive "future" that we need, it is necessary to provide them with prepared guides who can accompany them on their path of human and spiritual growth.

My name is Carmela di Punzio and I am a mother of a family home of the Pope John XXIII Community. For more than 20 years I have been involved in youth work, first in the parish and then in the areas proposed to me by the Community. I live constantly in contact with young people, immersed in their problems, dreams and desires, and it is for this reason that I feel a strong call to a more specific formation that becomes an increasingly qualified service for the boys and girls that the Lord makes me meet every day. So I decided to put myself on the line and attend the master course "Get up and go towards midday": master course in relational accompaniment of young people" organized and promoted by the Piceno Province of San Giacomo della Marca of the Friars Minor, in collaboration with the National Service of Youth Ministry of the CEI in Loreto.

For me, embarking on this path means responding to the invitation of the Holy Father who has always urged us to step out of our quiet daily lives and commit ourselves to formative paths to be put at the service of our communities. On this master's course Pope Francis said, "may it be for all participants an opportunity to welcome into their own lives human frailties and their own wounds, so as to avoid judgmental attitudes towards young people and their history. (...) An experience that forms companions who know how to walk together with the young person".

I am ready to set out on this path, but I need your help because the total cost of the master's course, including food, accommodation and transport, is €3,000.
Help me to continue to spend my life for young people in an increasingly qualified and aware way, every contribution can make a difference!
Come on, are you in?

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3,000 €
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